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Recent news and work


A series of selfportraits by various painters called SELFPORTRAIT, yet to be painted on small canvas (30 x 40 cm)


Gallery de la Fascine (Carnavon) has invited me to produce a series of paintings based on the West Australian landscape. I will be painting the series on location and showing the work in the gallery at the beginning of May. As this is one of the few cultural venues within an area of many million square kilometres, the event promises to attract a horde of light aeroplanes flying in from the outback.

Boardroom Scheepvaart en Transportcollege South Africa

The STC office in Johannesburg has asked me to suggest how their interior might be enlightened by artwork referring to their main office in Rotterdam. Expected to be commissioned toward the summer.


A project for the ‘Scheepvaart en Transport College” in Rotterdam, recently build by Neutelings en Riedijk. Roughly 400 square meters of art work is shown inside. A more comprehensive insight can be found in 'projects'.

A not so P.C. series of Chinese nudes .

Pornography is prohibited in China, a truly noble cause I might say, as a consequence however there is an abundance of booklets on ‘model painting techniques’ and instruction manuals for the spirited art of ‘drawing the nude’, all sporting scantily clad woman reclining in a background of luscious nature, or girls in birthday suit clumsily photo shopped in scenes of cultural heritage, or popular places otherwise visited by the overdressed . Here is where you find the Chinese erotic fantasy, and of course there is the well known, generic; ‘nude leaning against shiny new car in the forest’ image.

The AAN DE MAAS series consists of 10 paintings, each measuring 200 x 200 cm. I had initially made 14 set ups. The 4 NOT used in the series were recently commissioned by CBK Rotterdam. Shown are the works in progress!


24: a series of paintings each measuring 130 x 150 centimetres which is still under development, and will continue to be so until the series consist of 24 ' very worthwhile paintings', which, of course, may take a lifetime to achieve, and produce a multitude of ' slightly less worthwhile paintings".

24 of course refers to the hours a full day is filled with, and to -with a slightly farfetched wink- James Joyce's 'Ulysses', much admired for its style full stylelessness.